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About Select Vehicles Limited

Established since 2004, Select Vehicles Ltd is your No 1 choice for car and van leasing. We are reliable, honest and have successfully delivered 1,000s of cars to both our personal and business clients. We always have fantastic deals across a whole range of vehicles with leases starting from only £89.00 a month! 

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Select Vehicles offer the following types of vehicle contracts:-

Contract Hire (popular with VAT registered companies) 

A popular choice for VAT registered companies that want minimum outlay and maximum control of costs, especially when maintenance and relief costs are included. 

One regular payment covers all risks including cost of depreciation and disposal for a pre-agreed period of time and mileage. Road fund licence is included but a full maintenance package is optional and can be tailored to your needs.


  • Additional credit line 
  • VAT is reclaimable on 50% of the repayments and 100% claimable on the maintenance element of the vehicle should you choose this. 
  • Not recorded on the Balance sheet, but recorded on the notes to the audited accounts 
  • Fixed motoring with maintenance optional 
  • No worries about disposal or depreciation 
  • Hire rental tax allowances apply. 


  • High early termination costs 
  • No benefit if car is returned in good condition 
  • Charges may incur if car is returned in poor condition 

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) - Opt-Out of a company car

Personal Contract Hire has been designed especially for people leaving a company car scheme or joining a new company that provides a car allowance instead of a company car.

To qualify for Personal Contract Hire you must provide the finance company with one of the following :

  1. A letter from your company stating the individual doesn't have access to a company car and is paid an allowance. 
  2. A letter stating there is no company car scheme available and the individual will be paid a car allowance. 


  • New and Used vehicles qualify Includes 
  • Road fund licence for whole term 
  • Optional full maintenance package for hassle free motoring 

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) - For Private Individuals 

A variation of lease purchase, but the "Balloon" deferred payment is guaranteed (GMFV) And the option to own at the end of the contract or return the vehicle is your choice.


  • Additional Credit-line 
  • No VAT due on repayments 
  • Shown as an asset on the Balance Sheet 
  • Writing down tax allowance applicable 
  • Interest charged can be claimed as a business expense 
  • Accurate budgeting 


  • High early termination costs 
  • No benefit if returned in good condition 
  • Possible refurbishment charges 
  • Excess mileage charges 

Hire Purchase - For Businesses and Private Individuals

The oldest and most traditional method of acquiring a vehicle, other than outright purchase, where you repay the capital cost of the vehicle plus interest over a set period.

Benefits for Private Individuals/Business Users

  • No huge deposit required 
  • Fixed monthly repayments 
  • Fixed interest rate 
  • Keeps savings intact 
  • Outright ownership 
  • Consumer Credit Act protection. 

Enhanced Benefits for Business Users

  • Additional credit line 
  • Repayments do not attract VAT 
  • Interest charges are tax deductible as a business expense 
  • Working capital can be utilised more efficiently elsewhere 
  • Shown as an asset on the Balance Sheet 
  • Writing down tax allowances apply. 


  • Monthly repayments are higher than other finance packages 
  • Can Limit your choice of vehicle 
  • Depreciating asset. 

Lease Purchase - Ideal for non-VAT registered companies

For non-VAT registered companies who want eventual ownership of the vehicle, the company acquires ownership when all the payments have been made. Lease Purchase is a form of Hire Purchase and part where of the capital cost can be deferred until the end of the contract. The "Balloon" deferred payment should equate to the anticipated re-sale of the vehicle when the contract finishes.


  • Fixed monthly payments 
  • Outright ownership on payment of "Balloon" deferred payment 
  • "Balloon" payment reduces your monthly rentals 
  • Greater flexibility at the end of the contract 
  • 100% of sale proceeds go to the customer. 

Enhanced Benefits for Business Users:

  • Additional credit line 
  • Repayments do not attract VAT 
  • Shown as an asset on Balance Sheet 
  • Writing down tax allowance applies 
  • Interest charges are tax deductible as a business expense. 


   You are responsible for the residual value risk, should the "Balloon" payment be set too high. 

Finance Lease (ideal for VAT registered companies)

A fixed term hire agreement for companies who want to handle the administration of their vehicles and have the asset shown on the balance sheet. The hire can choose to pay the entire cost over the agreed lease period plus interest charges or pay lower monthly payments with a "Balloon", deferred payment, you cannot acquire ownership of the goods and they must be sold to a third party at the end of the agreement with a percentage of the sales proceeds going to the hirer after deducting the "Balloon" payment.


  • Additional credit line 
  • Low initial outlay 
  • Low monthly costs. 
  • Hirer only pays for deprivation and finance charges during the course of the lease. 
  • VAT due on repayments is reclaimable 50% 
  • Shown as an asset on the balance sheet 
  • Hire rental tax allowance applies 
  • Equity in sale proceeds 


  • Hirer is responsible for the residual value risk (any loss on the sale of the vehicle) 
  • You cannot purchase the vehicle or acquire the title through a third party. 

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